I offer a selection of commissions providing personal, unique artwork capturing the character and soul of your loved ones using your photos as inspiration and reference.


The commissions I offer presently are Water Colour, Sketch and High Detail Portraits. A Water Colour commission gives you a quick, loose and characterful Portrait. A Sketch Commission gives you a Portrait with higher detailing, capturing expression and character extremely well around the eyes and face. The background will be left blank and some area’s will be left in a more simple, less highly finished style. A High Detail Commission will give you a polished highly finished Portrait that will have the same work throughout the portrait including a decorative, coloured background to compliment either the character of the subject or to match your home decor if requested. High Detail Portraits take the longest time to finish and therefore you end up with the most polished final piece.


My style is not photo-realistic and I do not create carbon copies of photographs. I use my artistic creativity to produce unique, characterful Portraits with great likeness to the subject by using your photos as reference. This gives you a beautiful final piece that will have captured the personality and character of your chosen subject and will have been finished in my signature style. To see more examples of what your commission could look like CLICK HERE.


In order to get the best out of these commissions please ensure you can provide high quality, high resolution photos.

I take a 50% non-refundable deposit before starting any commission pieces.


Water Colour Portraits

A5 £20

A4 1 subject £30 2 subjects £40

Sketch Portraits

A4 £30

A3 £50

+ £10 each additional subject

High Detail Portraits

A4 £60

A3 1 subject £80 2 subjects £100



Examples of past commissions

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