Made My Way in 2019

My name is Kayleigh and I am the artist behind Made My Way. I started this enterprise back in February 2018. It was my dream to turn my passion for art and design into a local business. A business where I could: not just supplement my income but enrich my life.

I wanted to share my work with others and give people a local, affordable source for beautiful and unique artwork. The more people able to enjoy real, original art the more that will understand and appreciate the artistry behind it.

When someone buys artwork they are buying a piece of someone’s soul. The artist’s passion and heart went into the hours it took to create each piece of artwork.

Art is beautiful and I want my life to be beautiful. As should everyone’s.

Unfortunately I have undergone a lot these last few years, the last year in particular as been excessively hard for me. Hence why I haven’t managed to update the website as much as I’d of liked.

However I have now changed my day job and financially I am in a better place. Though it will take a little longer to fully recover. Health wise, I am feeling better in myself. Now that my stress levels are considerably lower. However my chronic illness is still uncured and I am still trying new things to improve this affliction.

Not wanting to sound all doom and gloom, I truly feel a lot better. I’m still loving my art and have produced some beautiful commissions for customers. I always love to hear of my customers reactions to their unique pieces. It warms my heart and that is why I do what I do.

On that note, Made My Way is currently taking on new commissions. Please head to the Commissions Page to find out more information or to request your very own portrait.

Commission prices are extremely affordable and there are options available for everyone’s budget!

This year I have high hopes for Made My Way. If all goes to plan I will be producing new artwork. Not only in my signature pastel pencil but also venturing into acrylic paintings. Whilst still producing occasional pencil and watercolour pieces. In 2019 I also hope to start production of some wearable accessories. This will include canvas bags, clutch bags, purses and possibly other designs. Some of which will include exclusive Made My Way embroidered designs. It is also my wish to experiment with polymer clay more. Hopefully producing some sculpture pieces and potentially some wearable pieces too.

It is going to be an exciting year and I hope you all come along for the ride with me. I appreciate any and all patronage given to this venture. You are what allows this dream to continue to blossom and I hope that it will continue to bloom and grow!

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