Need Help Choosing a Photo for a Commission?

Need help choosing a photo for a commission? Well I’ve now added a new page to help you do just that!

Choosing the right photo for a commission piece is extremely important and also very personal. But with the DOs and DON’Ts I provide for you, your choice will be much easier to make!

I offer a family and pet portraiture service. I take your photos and transform them into a piece of art. Something that will immortalise the subject in that moment for the rest of their lives. And the photo must be something both you and the subject will be happy with seeing on the wall everyday. So choosing the photo is extremely important. And highly personal to you, as it will most likely be one of your favourite photos that will spark a lot of emotion.

The photo selection however is also extremely important for me, the artist. As an artist you have to be inspired to create art. So a good image with a very clear and expressive subject will be important to spark me to create the piece. A photo which is out of focus or hard to interpret will make the creation process hard and laborious. And as a result I may not be happy with the end piece.

It is important for artists that they can see all the features of the subject clearly. So lighting is important as well as composition in the photo. A photo of the subject from afar will limit the amount of detail that the artist can see. This will affect how much accurate detail an artist is able to put into a commission piece. Focusing solely on capturing the head/shoulder of the subject will hopefully keep everything in focus for the facial features.

An artist strives to add expression and emotion into their piece too, so choosing a photo that will show the subjects personality is a good choice. Giving the artist multiple photos to look at or choose from will also increase how much of the personality the artist is able to represent and increase their ability to capture the subjects likeness. It will also help the artist choose an image that inspires them or allow the artist to use multiple photos to accurately capture the correct colours and likeness; making the end result of the piece far better and more personal.


Customers who would like to learn about the best choice of photos can head to this page.


Remember, if you would like a commission piece done all you need to do is fill in the request form here.

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